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Anping Wushuang Trade Co., Ltd
Китай Anping Wushuang Trade Co., Ltd Сертификаты
Экран окна хорош, горячие slaes в нашей области, и она смотрит действительно красивой. Высококачественный!!

—— Van Voorthuizen

Именно поэтому i как сотрудничество с этими старыми фабриками, 10 лет производит опыты. Да, они профессиональна и эффективности. Хорошая работа!

—— Джек Sameuls

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Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh

Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh
Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh

Большие изображения :  Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh

Подробная информация о продукте:
Место происхождения: Хэбэй, Китай
Номер модели: wushuang010
Оплата и доставка Условия:
Количество мин заказа: метр $30.00/Square | 1 квадратный метр
Цена: To be negotiated
Упаковывая детали: упаковка ткани провода нержавеющей стали 26 многолетних опытов: внутренность с водоустойчивой бумаго
Время доставки: Быть обсуженным
Условия оплаты: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, MoneyGram, западное соединение
Поставка способности: 15000 квадратных метров метра/квадрата в фильтр ячеистой сети SS месяца
Подробное описание продукта
Применение: Фильтры, сплетенная ячеистая сеть, минирование, защищая сетка, печатание монтажной платы Сплетите стиль: Ясно сплетите, twill сплетите, упростите/Twill сплетите, голландский/равнина/Twill сплетите, twill и
Тип: Сплетите ячеистую сеть, ткань провода, сваренную сетку, сетку звена цепи, линейную Метод: Сплетенная, сваренная сетка
Материал: Провод нержавеющей стали, 304 316, импортированный провод 304N, нержавеющая сталь SUS Диаметр провода: Требование, 0.1-5MM, 0.02-2mm, 0.018mm-2.5mm, BWG33-BWG16
Ширина: Usually1M, 0.5m-3m или подгонянный, 1-2meters, 1m, 102mm Название продукта: Мука квадрата сплетенная 4X4 ячеистая сеть нержавеющей стали 100 микронов, ячеистая сеть безопасност
Использование: масло, космический полет, фильтр, печатание, chmical индустрия Длина: 1-30m, 30mtr 60mtr, 30m/roll 50m/roll или по мере необходимости, 30m в крен или по мере необходимост
Особенность: Кислот-сопротивляться, коррозионностойкий etc., Анти--корозия, алкали для того чтобы сопротивляться, Цвет: Серебряный, стальной, черный
Форма отверстия: Квадратное отверстие, триангулярные отверстия тоннеля, отверстие прямоугольника Сетка: 1-3200mesh, 3-500 СЕТКА, 1-635mesh
Преимущество: Главный провод, стандартная сетка, прямая связь с розничной торговлей фабрики, конкурентоспособная ц Отсчет сетки: 1-400mesh, 1x1-635x635mesh/inch, 2-635mesh
Образец: свободный, доступный Имя: Сваренная загородка ячеистой сети, сплетенная равниной ячеистая сеть нержавеющей стали 304 316 20Mes
Упаковка: трубка inside+ бумаги wodden сумка коробки +plastic +, водоустойчивая бумага, деревянная коробка, по
Высокий свет:

4X4 Diamond Wire Mesh


400mesh Diamond Wire Mesh


304 Stainless Steel black diamond mesh

Bullet Proof Stainless Steel Window Screen Mesh Mosquito Net Security Window Door Screen Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh



Product Description

T-304 stainless steel is the most widely available of all stainless steels in the wire mesh industry. Aside from the countless
combinations of mesh opening sizes and diameter wire available both from stock and through manufacturing, T-304 SS exhibits many benefits and is largely considered the standard of the industry.

T-304 has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments and is used in a wide range of applications. Some of the more popular applications and industries that use T-304 stainless steel are listed below: General industrial use Mining Quarrying Beer brewing Water filtration Particle separation Automotive Basket fabrication Refinery & oil field Aerospace Food processing Scientific & laboratory use Another of the many benefits of T-304 is heat resistance.
T-304 SS displays good oxidation resistance to a temperature of approximately 1600 F in intermittent service and to a temperature of 1700 F in continuous service.
T-304 stainless steel is also excellent for fabrication purposes it can be formed and cut to size with appropriate tools and machinery. It can also be welded, using most common welding techniques, and it is virtually non-magnetic in the annealed condition. From a cost standpoint, it is usually the most attractively priced of most readily available stainless steel mesh alloys in the industry, especially when taking into consideration its lifecycle. maintains one of the most expansive inventories of T-304 SS wire mesh, so it is no surprise that when a specific opening size (or mesh count/diameter wire) is needed, T-304 stainless steel is selected. stocks virtually every standard or market grade as well as many of the non-standard specifications, including heavy duty specifications, bolting grades and milling grades. Often referred to 18-8 due to its Chromium-Nickel chemical composition, T-304 stainless steel is available in both woven and welded constructions both from stock and through custom manufacturing.


Function: strong impact resistance, anti - theft, bulletproof, mosquito and so on. Product features: smooth mesh surface, mesh number standard, longitude and latitude bending consistent, its remarkable feature is as hard as iron plate solid, is the first choice for preventing theft, bulletproof, home and office safety protection

The state of the net is iron plate, hard, strong impact resistance. Light transmittance is very good: from the inside to the outside to see the definition is very high, from the outside to the inside to see blurred, can create a safe and comfortable private space for you, at the same time can block mosquitoes into the room.

The diamond mesh window screen is made of stainless steel wire for external protection and electrostatic spraying treatment. It has high rust resistance and anti-damage ability. After inspection, the anti-attack ability reaches 2.148 tons, and the shear resistance and anti-damage ability are stronger.


Strong and safety Beautiful and anti-rust

1. Safety Protection: raw material is stainless steel wire with thickness diameter and close mesh, reject all disturbing factors

and prevent from rats snakes flies mosquitoes and other animals intrusion. Have stronger resistance to impact force,

such as clubs hammer kicking. Shear-resisting capacity, Fire-resistant, Prevent thief and robber burglary and

protect the master.

2. Rust and oxidation resistance: use super high quality stainless steel wire.

3. Ultraviolet ray resisting: this product can keep 30% of the ultraviolet ray out. So it can help you avoid

ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin when you are enjoying the sunshine.

4. Easy to clean up: dust and oil can be cleaned easily, with vacuum cleaners, thirsty sponge or ordinary brush.

5. Invisible and Well ventilation: no blocking, no depressive feeling, keep people communicate easily in bright and natural


6. Usage: this product can be widely used in office area and high-grade residential, villas, airports, resorts, hospitals, banks

and etc.




Product name: king kong network,bulletproof mesh, king kong mesh, diamond mesh, vajra mesh.
Raw material: stainless steel 304304 L, 316316 L
surface treament:PVC power coating
type of weave:plain weave,crimped form weave
colour:black,white,grey,yellow,brown etc
useful:bulletproof,antitheft,insect prevention


stainless steel security window screen is also called security mesh, safety net, bulletproof net, guard against theft window screening, is one of XUSEN main products. It is made of high quality stainless steel wire and the weaving type is plain weaving.

By cutting, flatting, cleaning and then electrostatic powder coating, the mesh flat, best transmittance, same longitude and latitude curvature, better transmittance, anti-mosquito, anti insect. It is the first choice of safety production for anti-theft, bulletproof and home & office.Because it usually used for the doors and window, we also call it as metal security doors and windows screen.

Detailed Images

Material: stainless steel wire 201, 202,304,304L, 316,316L and hot dipped galvanized wire.

Mesh Size: 10*10, 11*11, 12*12, 13*13, 14*14, 15*15, 16*16 mesh

Wire Diameter: 0.35mm-1.5mm

Width: 0.2m-1.8m Length:0.5m-35m ( other sizes can be producted as your requirement.)


specification of stainless steel wire mesh


Security Mesh
Safety Mesh/Pet Mesh
304 and 316 stainless steel / galvanized
304 stainless steel
Wire Diameter
Before Coating(mm/inch)
Mesh (per inch)
Standard Colors
matt black, shinning bright, matt white, matt grey
Standard Widths
0.914m/3ft, 1.22m/4ft, 1.52m/4.99ft
Standard Lengths
31.2 meter or 102 feet per roll, customized length as request
Weaving Method
plain woven
preferably flat sheet
flat sheet or roll
special specifications available upon request with minimum order quantity



Company Information

Founded in the year 1996,Anping County Wushuang Trading Co., Ltdis located in Anping county which is the famous Chinese wire mesh native land. Anping Anhua is a professional company of manufacturing and selling all kinds of wire and wire mesh products.

Our company has consummate producing system include advanced wire drawing and weaving equipment, strong technical and scientific management. Though using high quality raw materials and scientific producing to ensure product's quality. We developed Safety Mesh / Security Net in 2006, and began to export it to Australia market. As new protecting safety facilities, which has been popularity used into company and family. After many years of development, our products has well sold to European American and South East Asia market and got a good reputation.

Anping Anhua Hardware & Mesh Products CO., Ltd is honored to provide high quality products and first class services to customer who are from home and abroad. We sincerely welcome the customers of all over the world to our company to cooperate with us, and we are also very gald to establish long-term and good business relationship with every customer 

Packing & Delivery


Packing & Delivery


1. waterproof paper inside and outside with weaving bags

2. wooden case or wooden pallet with straps 3.Special packing can be made according to custom's request

Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh 0
Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh 1
Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh 2


Hard Black 4X4 304 Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Mesh 1-400mesh 3



A1.Are you the manufacturer?

Yes, we are the perfessional manufacturer of wire mesh , fence, wedled wire mesh, barded wire ,etc in China.

A2.How can you guarantee your goods' quality?

We have strict quality control system, like:

a.Raw material inspection and ordering

b.Manufacturing process control

c.End products inspection

d.Package and loading damage checking and solving

e.Customers feedback and products improvements

A3. Can you guarantee the delivery time?

Timely transport, ensure delivery time

A4.Can you make samples or customer made products?

Of course, small free sample will be available if customers require.

Customer made goods will also available according to customer's detail drawings.

A5.Are you cheaper than competitors?

We have a direct supply chain from manufacturing facility direct to you, ensuring we keep costs down and supply at the lowest price. This is supported with our pricing guarantee.What's more, we supply directly, no agents or second level sales by middle men.

Контактная информация
Anping Wushuang Trade Co., Ltd

Контактное лицо: Alice

Телефон: +8615203289896

Факс: 86-0318-610-3968

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